David Crockett High School


Next week is STAAR end of course retakes.  Students are required to pass their high school STAAR test in order to graduate. Students who have not passed Algebra I, Biology, English I, English II, and US History will be re-taking these tests in locations around the building.


Be sure to bring your fully-charged chrome book and headphones if you have them!  This is very important because the testing is online for most.


The exam schedule:

● Monday, December 3, 2018­ English I

● Tuesday, December 4, 2018­ Algebra I

● Wednesday, December 5, 2018­ English II

● Thursday, December 6, 2018­ Friday­ Biology & US History

● Friday, December 7, 2018­ Make­Ups


Again, don't forget your fully-­charged chrome book and headphones (if you have some) on the date of your test.


Testing will begin no later than 9:30AM.


Thank you for all of your hard work getting prepared!  We know you will do your best and to be successful!