David Crockett High School

Crockett ECHS Fall Final Exam Policy 2021-22

Crockett Early College High School 

Final Exam Policy


  • Final Exams are worth 20% of the Semester Average.


  • According to EIAA Local Policy 

    • “All students enrolled in courses for high school credit shall be required to take semester examinations and/or complete culminating activities in all courses.”

    • Students who take the AP Exam and have a grade of 80 or higher in the course may waive the semester exam.


  • According to EIA Regulation Policy

    • Successful student performances that measure mastery of the course curriculum, such as a passing score on a comprehensive final examination, may be used to grant course credit for students currently enrolled in the course. 

      • This means that if a student passes your final project or final by showing mastery of the course curriculum, the teacher is able to award the student a passing grade for the course for the semester.


  • Students must turn in or participate in a project or complete a final exam. 

    • FOR SPRING ONLY- The only exemption waivers allowed will be for AP Students who took the exam and have a grade of 80 or higher in the course.


  • Students must attend the class on the day of the final even if exempt.


  • All students will receive a minimum grade of 50 for their final exams, regardless of their attendance on exam day.