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Welcome Back, Singers and Pianists!!

It is going to be an awesome year! I am your new Choir Director and Piano and Music Theory Teacher, Annette Von Ahn.

Annette Von Ahn - Choir and Music Theory TeacherDear Musicians and Parents,

I am so excited to have you in Music this year! I know that we will learn a lot from each other. Let me tell you a bit about myself. I was born and raised in Ohio. I relocated here due to my husband's work; and I am very happy to be a Texan! I have been teaching music for 37 years. I have a Bachelor of Science in Music Education with a Major in Voice and a Minor in Piano; and a Master of Arts in Vocal Pedagogy. Both degrees are from The Ohio State University. My teaching experience includes High School, College and Private Music Studio work, as well as Church Choirs, Music Theory, Show Ensembles and Musicals. I have every confidence that together you and I can improve the quality of our lives through music. I am fully invested in helping you be all that you can be - a skillful, confident singer or pianist who enjoys making beautiful music. I am very much looking forward to our learning music together. Let's start our 'journey'  this year.
Music study is for a lifetime. It's going to be a great year!

Annette L. Von Ahn
Crockett HS Choir Director and Piano Teacher
​(512) 414-7825 Crockett Choir Room

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Crockett High School Choir

All choirs are performance based courses. Every student will learn the fundamentals of music notation, music theory, music history, performance skills, and listening skills.

 Crockett Varsity Girls Choir

Varsity Women

Varsity Women's Choir is a select ensemble of 15-20 women. Entrance into this ensemble is audition based, and you must have at least one year of previous high school choir experience. These women sing and sight-read at a high level, and many choose to compete in individual competitions like the TMEA All-State process and UIL Solo/Ensemble. This is a UIL Concert and Sight-reading competition group

Crockett Non Varsity Girls Choir

Non-Varsity Treble

This treble group features our newer singers, and is open to all students looking to enter the choir program. All members learn music literacy skills, as well as developing healthy vocal technique. The group also prepares music for UIL concert-and sight-reading competition in the spring. They sing at all on campus concerts, including the Fall, Winter, Pre-UIL, and Spring concerts.

Crockett Men's Choir

Men's Choir

This group of men ranges from new choir members, to older more experienced singers. They prepare music for the four on-campus concerts: Fall, Winter, Pre-UIL, and Spring. This group learns the fundamentals of sight-reading and good musicianship as they work towards becoming a UIL competition level ensemble.

Cougar Pop Choir!

This small ensemble will be made up of students with at least one year of high school choral experience, who are concurrently enrolled in a large choral ensemble (Women’s or Men’s Choir). We will be a traveling and performing group, with many gigs throughout the year including:

  • Football games in the Fall
  • Caroling events at parties or corporate events in the Winter
  • Recruiting tours of elementary and middle schools in the Spring

This group will also get the chance to work on TMEA Region Music and UIL Solo/Ensemble music for competition. We’re very excited to be offering this choir as a class in the 2016-2017 school year!


Crockett High School Piano


Crockett Advanced Piano Class

Varsity Piano

Varsity Piano Class is a performance based course for intermediate to advanced pianists.

 Crockett Beginning Piano Class

Non-Varsity Piano

Non-Varsity Piano Class is offered to beginning piano students. Recital work is required.


Crockett High School Music Theory


Crockett Music Theory Class

Music Theory

Music Theory Class is a beginning music class which explores the fundamentals and vocabulary of music.


Crockett Honor Choir

Honors Choir

Choir - Singing Valentines (Boys)

Singing Valentines (Boys)

Choir - Singing Valentines (Girls)

Singing Valentines (Girls)