David Crockett High School


Crockett Theatre 2020-21

Crockett Theatre is a nationally recognized, award-winning fine arts program, right in the heart of South Austin! 

The Crockett Theatre directors are strong believers in the 21st century skills of communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking.  Theatre students can complete the HB5 Arts and Humanities Endorsement, and graduate with 8+ honors credits that directly impacts gpa.

As a member troupe of the International Thespian Society, Crockett Theatre takes pride in the motto "Act well your part, there all the honor lies." Our Thespiansinducted honor students have the opportunity to graduate with medallions and stoles based on academics, performance and leadership.  

Crockett Theatre students perform, travel, audition, compete, camp, build and create together.  Supported by the Crockett Theatre Booster Club, parents are encouraged to volunteer and to get involved in their student's theatre career!   

Whether a student is looking to explore the art of acting, directing, theatrical design or technical theatre - or just seeking to improve on speaking skills, develop leadership abilities, increase employment versatility, become part of a team or learn to "think outside the box"...Crockett Theatre has the right classes for everyone: 

  • Theatre Arts I-IV ***Honors course level III & IV
  • Technical Theatre I-IV ***Honors course level III & IV
  • Theatre Production I-IV ***Honors course level III & IV
  • Musical Theatre I-IV ***Honors course level III & IV
  • Advanced Stagecraft II-IV ***Honors course
  • Advanced Theatrical Design I and II ***Honors course
  • Directing I-II ***Honors course 



Michelle Ferrier - Theater Technical DirectorMichelle Ferrier, Theatre Director

ph. 512-841-7725

email: michelle.ferrier@austinisd.org




Mark Fowler - Theatre DirectorKathleen Hallee, Technical Theatre Director

ph. 512-841-7725

 email: kathleen.hallee@austinisd.org