David Crockett High School

Visual Arts

Visual Arts at Crockett High School

Students create and develop their own portfolios while fostering personal artistic style. Artists from the community come to speak to our students about the art world and how to make a living in it. Our annual UIL, or VASE, competition sparks pride in personal works that take time and dedication to complete. Our students leave the program with strong artistic skills and the confidence they need to continue making art. We don't merely teach art skills. We teach artistic habits where art students collaborate, are creative, communicate, and think critically.

Our awards include:

  • Scholastic Award Winners
  • State VASE Winners
  • U.S. Congressional Art Winners
  • Adopt-A-Classroom Recipients
  • National Recognized NAHS Chapter

Our teachers are proud to be a part of both the Texas Art Education Association and of the National Art Education Association.




Cristina Coro - Visual Art InstructorCristina Coro

ph. 512-841-1713

email: cristina.coro@austinisd.org



Erin Lane - Visual Art Instructor (Dept Head)Erin Lane

ph. 512-841-1696

email: erin.lane@austinisd.org



Shawn Irwin - Visual Art InstructorShawn Irwin

ph. 512-841-1712

email: shawn.irwin@austinisd.org



Deann Brown - Visual ArtsDeann Brown

ph. 512-841-1712

email: deann.brown@austinisd.org