David Crockett High School

Final Exam Exemption

Crockett High School

Fall Semester Final Exam Exemption Guidelines 2020


There will be NO exemptions for the following: On Ramps and ACC dual credit courses. AP courses and/or EOC courses may be excluded from exemptions at teacher discretion.  


STEP 1- Check Obligation Google Sheet after December 7, 2020:  Exemption from a final exam is NOT granted to a student if they 

  • have obligations or fines


STEP 2- Teacher Approval: Exemptions will be granted per class.  Based on grade average, students may be  exempted from taking their final exam(s) in courses if ALL of the following criteria are met 

  • Minimum of 70 for the semester average (1st, 2nd, 3rd six weeks). This average will be entered as the semester exam grade. You can opt in to take the final exam for a better final/semester grade.


STEP 3- Mark Attendance on Final Exam Day: Students who have earned exemptions are expected to complete an attendance check in on final exam day. If you do not show up to class on the day of the final exam (attendance check by 11:59pm), you will get a 50 on the exam. 


If a student is exempt from the exam, the final day could be a great opportunity to complete next year course advising as an attendance assignment.  More information to come.