David Crockett High School

Final Exam Exemption

Crockett High School

Spring Semester Final Exam Exemption Guidelines 2023


According to EIAA Local Policy


  • All students enrolled in courses for high school credit shall be required to take semester examinations and/or complete culminating activities in all courses.
  • Students who take the AP Exam and have a grade of 80 or higher in the course may waive the semester exam.


According to EIAA Regulation Policy


  • Successful student performances that measure mastery of the course curriculum, such as a passing score on a comprehensive final examination, may be used to grant course credit for students currently enrolled in the course.
  • This means that if a student passes your final project or final by showing mastery of the course curriculum, the teacher is able to award the student a passing grade for the course for the semester.
  • Students must turn in or participate in a project or complete a final exam. The only waivers allowed will be for AP students who took the exam and have a grade of 80 or higher in the course.
  • It is required for teachers to run Zoom sessions during the final periods for the first hour of the final period. Students should be encouraged to remain logged on during the zoom sessions to be able to ask questions in order to complete any missing assignments with teacher support.
  • For attendance purposes the day of the final, students must be present (RL or P) in order to get attendance credit for the final period.
  • All students will receive a minimum grade of 50 for their final exams, regardless of their attendance on exam day.