David Crockett High School

Crockett UT Research Students Presenting

Today after school 7 of our best and brightest will be presenting the research they have been working on this semester at UT. Presentations will be at 4:30 in Ms. Paris' room, 141. Many of their mentors and UT faculty members will be in attendance and I am sure they would love to see some friendly faces!

Josiah Guerrero- Stroke Induction in Mice

Solomon White- Alcohol and Depression in Mice

Alma Romero- Fish Courtship and Aggression

Mystee Altes- Effects of Environmental Stimulus on Fish Behavior

Mayte Lara- Analysis of Frog Mating Behavior

DJ Ojeda- Effects of Global Warming and Deforestation on Pollinators and Plant Diversity

Diego Medel- Effects of Climate Change on Coral Reefs