David Crockett High School

School Supplies

2017-2018 School Supplies List


1 – 2 or 3 inch binder
1 – package of 8 count dividers
1 – pencil bag
2 – packages of #2 pencils
1 – package of black/blue pens
1 – package of multi-color highlighters
1 – box of map pencils
2 – packages notebook paper
4 – one subject spiral notebooks
2 – composition books
1 – Bag or Backpack to carry supplies and chromebook
1 – pair of earbuds for use with chromebook for academic purposes only

NOTE: Some teachers may require additional supplies.


Your chromebook will be needed in all of your classes. Be sure to bring your chromebook and charger everyday. If you have not been assigned a chromebook, you will still be required to complete assignments by assigned due date.

Digital Distractions:

As a reminder, your chromebooks, earbuds, and devices may only be used for academic purposes during school. If you are using your device without teacher permission, it will be taken up according to campus policy.