Principal's Office


Shana King - Interim Principal


Shana King, Principal 

ph. 512-414-2532 ext. 72081



Mrs. King holds a Bachelor's Degree in Biology and Master's Degree in Educational Leadership and Policy from the University of Texas at Austin. She fell in love with Crockett in college while working as an intern in the science department. She worked as a Science Teacher, Instructional Specialist and Cheerleading Coach for several years and transitioned to the role of Assistant Principal in 2018 and Academy Director in 2022. Outside of the school day she enjoys spending time with her husband and pets, showing her Cougar P.R.I.D.E. at athletic and fine art events, working out, and relaxing in nature. 

Assistant Principal's Office

Eric Ortmann - 10th Grade Assistant Principal (Cohort 2024)Eric Ortmann, Assistant Principal - 12th Grade (Cohort 2024)

& 9th Grade (Cohort 2027 - Letters G - O)

ph. 512-414-2532 ext. 72001 (Google Voice 512.777.1768)


Cynthia Julian - Assistant Principal (Cohort 2021)Cynthia Julian, Assistant Principal - 11th Grade (Cohort 2025)

& 9th Grade (Cohort 2027 - Letters A - F)

ph. 512-414-2532 ext. 72028 (Google Voice 512.593.8693)


Ms. Julian is proud to support Cougar Class of 2025 and 2027 (freshmen with last names that start with A-F). She grew up in the greater Houston area in the small town of Richwood, Texas. She attended University of Houston-Clear Lake and started her teaching career at the high school she graduated from, Brazoswood HS. Later, she moved to the Austin area where she taught Algebra all the way to Calculus and attended graduate school at Texas State University (Go Bobcats). Five years ago, she made her way to Crockett ECHS where she worked as teacher and instructional coach in the math department. In 2020, she began her position as an assistant principal for the class of 2023 and is excited to work with a small group of them again as they near the end of their high school careers and walk across the graduation stage. When she is not spending time with her students she enjoys being with family and friends and going to yoga. 


Candace Black - Assistant PrincipalCandace Black, Assistant Principal - 10th Grade (Cohort 2026)

& 9th Grade (Cohort 2027 - Letters P - Z)

ph. 512-414-2532 ext. 72010


Ms. Black is a passionate educator dedicated to helping students discover their best selves so they can share their greatness with the world. She has a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from the University of Texas (2014) and a Master of Education in Educational Leadership from Texas State University (2023). Her journey in education began as a student teacher at Crockett in the Spring of 2014. For nearly a decade she had the privilege of serving as a math teacher and coach at Crockett. In 2021, she became the Math Department Chair and has recently accepted the challenge of being an Assistant Principal at Crockett to support both students and teachers in their educational journey. Beyond her professional life, she enjoys spending quality time with family and friends as well as indulging in too much TV.


Amy Gonzales - Academic DeanAmy Gonzales, Academic Dean

ph. 512-414-2532 ext. 72715



Caitlin Kender - Academy DirectorCaitlin Kender, Academy Director

ph. 512-414-2532 ext. 57511


Ms. Kender is originally from Lubbock,TX where she played volleyball in college before making her way to the DFW area as a Special Education Teacher's Assistant, middle school AVID teacher and coach, then AVID District Director. In 2021, she joined Austin ISD as a Professional Learning Coordinator and then as Assistant Principal at Eastside ECHS. Ms. Kender also serves as an AVID Staff Developer for AVID Center training educators in the Fostering Equitable & Engaging Classrooms and Site Leaders communities of practice. In her free time, you can find her outside with her three dogs, on Facetime with her 2-, 5- and 6-year-old nieces and nephew, playing volleyball and enjoying time with her wife (who's also an AISD Assistant Principal!).


 Counselor's Office


Janice Snyder - Guidance Secretary & Parent ConnectJanice Snyder, Guidance Secretary and Parent Connect

ph. 512-414-2532 ext. 72087



Geoffrey Harter - Counselor Cohort 2024Geoffrey Harter, Counselor - Cohort 2024

ph. 512-414-2532 ext. 71977 (Google Voice 415-787-0480)



Reggie Castillo - Counselor 025Reggie Castillo, Counselor - Cohort 2025

ph. 512-414-2532 ext. 70517




Susan Durham - Counselor (Cohort 2023)Susan Durham, Counselor - Cohort 2026

ph. 512-414-2532 ext. 72020 



Yureimy Arias - Wellness Counselor Yureimy Arias, Wellness Counselor

ph. 512-414-2532 ext. 72726 



Jennifer Lamm - Counselor Cohort 2027Jennifer Lamm, Counselor Cohort 2027 (Monday-Wednesday)

ph. 512-414-2532 ext. 73238 



Deborah Black - Counselor Cohort 2027Deborah Black, Counselor Cohort 2027 (Wednesday-Friday)

ph. 512-414-2532 ext. 73238 



Support Staff


  • Administrative Assistant to the Principal, Jennifer Rodriguez - 512-414-2532 ext. 72081
  • Receptionist/Sub Coordinator, Kathyuska Batista - 512-414-2532 ext. 20008
  • Attendance Clerk, Kathyuska Batista - 512-414-2532 ext. 72088
  • Bookkeeper, Chris Simmons - 512-414-2532 ext. 72070
  • Data Processor, Annette Wood - 512-414-2532 ext. 71969
  • PEIMS Coordinator, Helen Mendoza-Morales - 512-414-2532 ext. 72048 
  • Registrar, Kathy Alvarado-Romero - 512-414-2532 ext. 72089
  • ECHS Coordinator, Desiree Campbell - 512-414-2532 ext. 73239
  • Project Specialist: ECHS, Bertha Bermudez - 512-414-2532 ext. 54234
  • Parent Support Specialist, Michelle Torres - 512-414-2532 ext. 72080
  • Project Specialist: Truancy/Grad Coach, Taryne Hallett - 512-414-2532 ext. 72040
  • Project Specialist: 504 Coordinator, Malin Lindelow - 512-414-2532 ext. 59684 (Google Voice 512.814.5456)
  • Communities in School, Chante'l Bailey - 512-414-2532 ext. 72623
  • Special Education Coordinator, Cynthia Coppinger - 512-414-2532 ext. 71985
  • Athletic Trainer, Maria Lopez - 512-414-2532 ext. 72043

Instructional Support

  • Instructional Coach, Sara Freund - 512-414-2532 ext. 72671
  • Instructional Coach, Ana Gabi Garcia - 512-414-2532 ext. 72670
  • Librarian, Claudia Gibson - 512-414-2532 ext. 71998
  • College and Career Center, Michelle Kailey Snyder - 512-414-2532 ext. 72008

Safety and Security Personnel

  • Campus Police/School Resource Officers, Officer Monique Guijarro and Officer Gregorio Guilbe - 512-414-2532 ext. 47882

Catherine Bedell - NurseCatherine Bedell, Nurse

ph. 512-414-2532 ext. 47888