AVID Program at Crockett High

AVID's mission is to close the opportunity gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society.

Here at Crockett we expect our AVID students to enroll in rigorous courses like preAP, AP, OnRamps, and ACC classes beginning their freshmen year and continuing until graduation. The goal of the AVID Elective class is to support students in these tough classes by providing them with the skills they need to take effective notes, manage their time, organize themselves physically and digitally, collaborate with their peers to solve complex problems, read and write at high levels, generate questions, and utilize tutorial sessions to improve their grades. Additionally, students will visit several colleges throughout the year and hear from college representatives and various professionals. 9th and 10th grade put an emphasis on study skills and executive functioning, while 11th and 12th grade spend time on college essays, refining their college options, financial aid, college applications, and "adulting" skills for the real world.

We hope to see all of our AVID students apply and be accepted to 4-year universities upon their completion of high school. 95% of seniors in 2022 were accepted into 4-year colleges, with multiple students receiving partial or full-ride scholarships for athletics and/or academics. Crockett is on its way to becoming a National Demonstration School, and we look forward to welcoming your child into our program and helping them become Always Victorious!

 AVID by the Numbers


  • 620+ AVID students (38% of our student population)
  • 125 seniors, 95% Accepted to 4 year school
  • 3 Dell Scholars
  • Over 45.5 million in scholarships offered


Kelsey Ogg - AVID 3Kelsey Ogg - AVID Coordinator, AVID 1

ph. 512-414-2532 ext. 72014 (Google Voice 512.808.0391)

email: kelsey.ogg@austinisd.org



Melissa Gutierrez - AVID CoordinatorIrene Flores - AVID 2, AVID 4

ph. 512-414-2532 ext. 72034

email: irene.flores@austinisd.org



Matthew Payne - AVID InstructorAaron Jimenez - AVID 1

ph. 512-414-2532

 email: aaron.jimenez@austinisd.org



Corry Perez - AVID 4Corry Perez - AVID1, AVID 4, MAPS

ph. 512-414-2532 ext. 71976

 email: corry.perez@austinisd.org