ECHS Eligibility and Expectations

Eligibility Criteria

Crockett Early College High School wants our ECHS student population to be a diverse group of students. To meet the intent of this program we place emphasis on selecting students who will be great representatives of Crockett and meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Students who are entering 9th or 10th grade
  • Students who would benefit from accelerated academic instruction
  • Students who are under-served in higher education
  • Students who are first generation college (neither custodial parent has received a four-year degree)

In addition, the following are key attributes of successful ECHS program students:

  • Ability to make mature, responsible, and productive choices that contribute to their growth and success
  • Desire to be intellectually challenged and experience rigorous college level high school courses
  • Ability to work cooperatively and be engaged in communication, leadership, critical thinking, problem solving, and making education a priority
  • Desire to use technology effectively and appropriately toward educational purposes and enrichment


PTECH Crockett 2023

Student Expectations

All students applying to the Crockett Early College High School program must agree to a contract of expectations. Student expectations include:

  • Making education a high priority
  • Coming to school and being punctual
  • Being responsible for their own learning
  • Showing respect for everyone

Read about all Crockett ECHS Program Student Expectations in the ECHS Handbook

Parent Expectations

Parents and Guardians are our students' most important educators and have the greatest influence on them. Parents will also be asked to agree to a contract of expectation supporting their student. Parent expectations include:

  • Encouraging your child
  • Making sure your child attends and arrives at school on time
  • Staying informed
  • Monitoring your child's progress
  • Attending all parent meetings and conferences


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