Crockett Cosmetology

Cosmetology — The art and science of professionals using their skill or practice to beautify the hair, nails, and skin.

  • *4 Year program
  • Graduate with a professional cosmetology license
  • Tuition free, with minimum fees

* Principles of Cosmetology Design and Color Theory, *Intro to Cosmetology, *Cosmetology I, and *Cosmetology II


Austin ISD Students Say Cosmetology Program Is More Than Just 'Playing with Hair' (article by KUT - Austin)

Salon Crockett is open for business to the public. See pricing menu below.

Crockett Salon Menu


LaSabra Moore - Cosmetology

LeSabra Moore, instructor

ph. 512-414-2532 ext. 72017




Cynthia Maldonado Castillo - Cosmetology

Cynthia Maldonado Castillo, instructor

ph. 512-414-2532 ext. 72033