Web Design / Game Development / I.T. Principles

Crockett High School Computer Science ProgramIn Web Game Development, students learn the fundamentals of designing a video game using the most widely accessed and preferred editing engines in the world. The intent of this course is to prepare high school students with the industry related skills needed for the workplace and higher learning environments. Students should walk away being knowledgeable of industry related careers, and be able to navigate the working environment to create 3D games. With I.T. Principles, students learn essential computer technology concepts and skills. This course explores hardware and software basics, input and output devices, storage, and operating systems as well as an introduction to programming. Students learn how computers work, how to identify and use peripherals and storage devices, and how to use operating systems and utility programs. I.T. Principles also teachers introductory skills in word processing, spreadsheets, database, graphics programs, presentation programs, and multimedia. We also cover the latest in communication devices as well as the network technology they run on. Students are expected to learn how to use e-mail, social networking, and other messaging systems, how to access the Internet, and how to locate information on the World Wide Web. Web Design seeks to create a web-authoring course that teaches web design techniques and also covers HTML, create device- and platform-independent websites using responsive web design techniques, CSS, and SEO. Students work towards their Web Design Certification using the NOCTI Job Ready curriculum and receive hands on training building real world websites.



Roger Morgan - Computer Science InstructorRoger Morgan, instructor

ph. 512.414.2532 ext. 71986

email: roger.morgan@austinisd.org



Many Crockett tech students attended an Esposure e-sports conference in Duncanville, TX, May 2023.

Crockett Info Tech students visit eSposure conference in Duncanville, TX back in May.

Crockett Information Technology students testing out Alienware gaming software.

Crockett information technology students testing Alienware gaming software.

Mr. Morgan's IT Principles class hosts Globaloria founder, Idit Harel and guests (below).

 Mr. Morgan hosts Globaloria founder and guests

Mr. Morgan hosts Globaloria founder and guests


4 Crockett students selected to participate in 2016-17 ChickTech Program at Google

About your instructor:

My educational focus in high school was Electronics Vocation. I earned a bachelor's degree in English from The University of Texas at Austin but also attended the following colleges: Tulsa Community College, San Antonio College, Austin Community College, UTSA and Huston-Tillotson. My main focus of study is English but I also have a large degree of course work in History and Computer Science. I have also studied Special Education at Huston-Tillotson University.

 I have been a professional teacher at AISD since 2006 with Crockett High School, Garza Independence High School, Bowie High School and Albert S. Johnston High School teaching Special Education, English 1 pre-AP, English 2, English 3, English 4, Reading Applications, Web Design, Digital Graphics and Commercial Photography. The past several years I have facilitated the Computer Science, Programming and Game Design classes and this year I'm excited to also be teaching Web Game Development. 

I have extensive career experience in technology specializing in circuitry, personal computers, communications technology, web design and digital graphics. I began my career back in the late 70's working with Telex Industries, Otrona Computers, Motorola, Atmospheric Instrumentation Research (A.I.R.) and various military contractors. I have worked on the development of early home computers and cell phones as well as weather-reading devices and military jet circuitry. As well, I've been an independent contractor in web development, graphic design and desktop publishing in the music industry and beyond.

My personal interests include traveling, photography, computer programming, web and game design, as well as Longhorns football, New Orleans Saints football, Inter Miami CF soccer and San Antonio Spurs basketball. 

This will be my 11th year at Crockett High School and I'm looking forward to yet another successful season with my Cougar family!

 Mr. Morgan touring Rome in 2009